Making Motorcycle Racing History:

It was meant to be for Bobby. He was riding in Pee-Wee races on a modified paratrooper bike by the time he was 6 years old. His passion for the motorcycle ran in his blood, Bobby is the first-born son of board-track and motorcycle racing pioneer, Bob Sirkegian. A legend in his own right, Bob Sr. was one of less than a dozen professional board-track racers in the world at the dawn of the motorcycle decades before. Bob Sr. was just inducted into the Trailblazers Motorcycle Club Hall of Fame. A posthumous award that was presented by Bobby, and selflessly campaigned by him to honor his Dad and mentor.
By the time Bobby was 13, he was the First AMA/NHRA Grand National Champion a title he held onto for 3 years, and at such a young age, it is a feat never to be repeated again.
This is the amazing motorcycle legacy of the SirKegian family. To fully tell the richness of it, we must go back to the late 1910's...