Talk about a cool story to tell.

Please allow me to share my Dad's. I am one of Bobby's daughters and I am proud to help my Dad share his amazing story... and his Dad's story before. The SirKegians — essentially my Grandpa (Bob Sr.) and Dad (Bobby) made and created a new motorsport : motorcycle DRAG racing. I told you it was going to be a cool story, so get your pudding bowl on, and let's kick start this site to rumbling life!

Bobby has been painstakingly and lovingly restoring his history-making late 40's through late 50's racebikes, this is a truly unique situation and the bikes are not just racebikes, they ARE record breaking, in some cases the only ones of their kind in existence! They are drop-dead gorgeous, meticulously exact in every detail and are becoming the most rare and sought-after additions to museums and collectors around the world in select motorcycle auctions such as Bonhams' and MidAmerica. To inquire about what Bobby has still available or what is in his garage being prepared for auction, contact us here. Once he sells one, it is gone forever, there are no reproductions, no copies, my Dad wishes to keep the integrity of his legacy this way and to the collector, it means Bobby's bikes, when available will not be found anywhere at any other time and are exquisitely rare.


What Bobby Sirkegian did in the saddle of those bikes WILL NEVER BE REPEATED.

That is not a line, it is fact. There won't ever be another First AMA Grand National Champion —and certainly less likely, another 13 year-old National Champion motorcyclist— as my Dad in April of 1953. He didn't ride mini-bikes, he rode both a 500cc and a 650cc full-size bike at the First motorcycle drag race at the Pomona raceway.

2013 marked the 60th anniversary of Bobby's history-making race at Pomona.

In 1953, when other boys were dreaming of the day they could get their licenses or even shave, for Heaven's sake, my Dad was blowing the doors off both hot-rods, and men 5 - 10 years older than he was on a full-size motorcycle. You might be reading this saying, "C'mon, Ava, where's the proof, that was a long time ago, there's no way they'd let a Jr. High age kid race!" I restored a film strip of pictures from that historic day, I don't want to spoil the fun,  click here to see the slideshow for yourself!

The other important piece of the puzzle is gathering all the incredible accomplishments Dad had, specifically from 1948 through 1972 when Dad officially left the sport to get his teaching credentials and raise us girls :-)

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